Imperfetto indicativo

I’ve now completed the page for the imperfetto including dozens of examples – it can be found here.

If you find any small mistakes, or indeed any howlers, please fammi sapere. And if you have any suggestions for improvements to this page or others, again please make contact.

Postscript: I have now made some changes to the imperfetto page as a result of some suggestions. These include the use of the heading ARCHETYPAL REGULAR VERBS instead of MODEL REGULAR VERBS. Archetypal is a little more wordy a word than model but, as it was pointed out, it would be easy to confuse model with modal – and we wouldn’t want that!

Two fronts

I’m advancing on (at least) two fronts! I want to get a decent page up for the imperfetto so I can do some revision on this tense over Easter. But also I’ve decided to put a page up showing the all of the tenses / moods used in Italian and how they are interlinked. The pages are both up now and have a fair amount of content on them – I hope to finish them over the next few days.

As usual, if you spot any mistakes, fammi sapere!