Two fronts

I’m advancing on (at least) two fronts! I want to get a decent page up for the imperfetto so I can do some revision on this tense over Easter. But also I’ve decided to put a page up showing the all of the tenses / moods used in Italian and how they are interlinked. The pages are both up now and have a fair amount of content on them – I hope to finish them over the next few days.

As usual, if you spot any mistakes, fammi sapere!

Hello world!

Welcome to italissimo. ┬áThis website is a way of forcing me to keep my Italian grammar notes in some kind of order and easily accessible. I thought that I would publish it on the web because 1. I’m always in the browser and 2. others might find it useful too.

This website does, however, come with a very big caveat – there may be many errors on the site. I’m not a native Italian speaker, I’m not a trained linguist; I’m a plodder and I enjoy plodding away at the Italian language. You have been warned!

That said, I will try to minimise the mistakes and if you find this website useful, you can help me in this endeavour. If you spot a mistake and would like to see it corrected, please email me – theplodder(chiocciola) . If I’m wrong and you are right, a likely scenario, I’ll be pleased to make the amendment.

At the time of writing (day 1) there is very little content on the site but lots of pages with in costruzione notices. This is because, before I got going, I wanted to lay out the structure of the site. So, I now have sections for all the joys of Italian grammar – nouns (including their articles), pronouns, adjectives, conjunctions, prepositions, verbs (and verb conjugations) and adverbs. I plan to populate these sections with my Italian grammar notes as time goes by. And I will use these blog posts to announce each new page as it is written.

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